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Steering you through the challenges of today and tomorrow


Castaldo Consulting brings management consulting expertise to your business.  We understand the importance of nurturing the collaborative environment and fostering a space of productivity and growth. Across multiple industries, the success of your business or project is the goal and passion of Castaldo Consulting.


Your Future is Our Passion

  • Passion for pursuing and delivering with excellence

  • C-suite executive level consulting 

  • Leading with empathetic/emotional intelligence

  • Fostering team building, collaboration, productivity and growth



Needing assistance with transformation of your business's goals, technologies or processes? We can help your business effectively plan and communicate these changes in a successful manner with limited impact to employees and productivity.


We help you gain a fresh view on your project, assist in defining roles, achieving milestones as well as managing risks, resources, scope and budget. We have experience in both traditional Project Management as well as Agile/Scrum Methodologies. We can uniquely blend both methods to accommodate your business needs.


Struggling to stay organized with your day-to-day processes? Not sure if you or your team are accomplishing the business objectives you set out to? We can step into your business’s complex scenarios, observe challenges from a holistic approach and provide recommendations/plans of action to meet your defined goals.

What People Are Saying

“Antonella has been a great resource for RCM on a number of different efforts. Appreciate the hard work and focus on successful outcomes.”  

- CIO of Rockefeller Capital Management, Joe Ferlisi

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